Senior Portrait Photography

Senior Year of High School is one of the most memorable times in a person’s life. For this reason, we strive to make each Senior Portrait Session personal, focusing on the individual.

Senior Portrait Photography

What Makes Us So Different?

Rather than mass produce the same photos using the same studio backdrops, we show the uniqueness, and capture you as you really are. We encourage you to bring along things that represent who you are now, like instruments, athletic equipment, or anything else you want.

We Show The True You

Are you looking for portraits that will highlight your true individuality and style? Someone that will give you senior pictures with a modern and current feel without the cheesy studio props? Not too fond of the “cookie-cutter” photos either? Fresh Blend Media may be a perfect match for you.
We promise not to:

  • Photograph you with a cheesy canvas painted backdrop.
  • Make you lay on the ground and place the word “senior” in front of you in big block letters.
  • Stick you on the studio floor and place the numbers “2012” in front of you. You could just tell people you’re graduating in 2012 instead (they’ll still believe you).
  • Photoshop or overlay any words in 80’s cursive letters over your photograph.
  • Overly soften the focus, make you glow, or do anything we can to produce a photo that remotely resembles that of a certain nation wide glamour shot studio.

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