Pet Portraits

We like to photograph pets outside studio walls, without the use of props, and let them be themselves. Not only are we equipped with fancy cameras, but we lace our pockets with tasty treats so we’re instantly a crowd pleaser.

We Love Photographing Animals!

As you can probably tell from the photos in this gallery, we love animals! If you’re searching around for a good pet photographer in the St. Louis area, we can assume that you are also an animal lover! Already we have a common ground!
Pets are naturals in front of the camera, as such they make great subjects for photography.

Pet Photographers, Treat Givers

We have photographed many different dog breeds, large and small. We learned to bring the tastiest treats to get your dogs attention. Personally, we prefer not to have the same old “cookie cutter” session inside a studio with the same boring props. We aim for something unique; to photograph the funny or quirky side of your pet.

A typical pet photography session will take place at your home, in a park or wherever you feel the animal will be most comfortable. They typically take less than one hour and if you prefer, we will capture you and your pet together.
If you have any questions about our pet photography sessions, please feel free to contact us. Also check out our pet photography gallery for a sample of our work!

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